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Nowadays, there are many brands of top washing machines to choose from…even dryers, that one wonders how many people know how and still do hand-washing of their clothes. The proportion of laundry detergent to water will determine how clean your wash will be and how many rinses of water are needed. Luckily, the machine’s control panel clearly shows the various features and functions.

Ultimately, there is nothing like doing laundry manually to understand the effect of detergent on the various fabrics ( and on your hands, unfortunately ). After a machine wash of the clothes, you can either transfer them to dry in a spinning dryer or a closet-type dryer or spread them out nicely on clothes hangers or racks to dry in the open air.

And when they are dry, what next?

Some will fold them or hang them up nicely for later use. Ironing works well for synthetic fabrics that do not show any creases. However, for cotton and linen fabrics or even synthetic fabrics with higher percentages of cotton, there is not much choice but to iron the clothes unless you don’t mind creased and uncomfortable clothes, notwithstanding the unsightly.

Most people can handle the washing and drying of their own or household laundry. But when it comes to ironing…it is a mighty sweaty effort unless you iron in the comfort of an air-conditioned room.

Investing in a good steam iron can save a lot of time in ironing, and the result is much better than one without steam too! However, ironing is a labor-intensive, piece-by-piece job. No matter how good the iron or ironing tables/stands we use, it is still a very manual chore that has baffled the creativity of household appliances inventors.

Ironing is a job that calls for many intrinsic maneuvers in between the buttons or alongside the many seams and zips. However, if you feel overwhelmed or alienated by the so-called art of ironing, don’t worry. Our maids can take care of it. Don’t go out outfits or confine to wearing synthetic fabrics that are not suitable for our tropical, humid climate.

Wearing well-pressed clothes made with fabrics just right for our climate can make you feel more comfortable and happier. So call for our IRONING SERVICE ….a small price to pay for well-pressed clothes that help you wear a smile the whole day too!

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