Out With The Old, In With The New



When do you find the need to spring clean your home in Malaysia? NEW YEAR…and we have a few as celebrated by the different races in our country! Even religious festivals like Christmas, Hari Raya Puasa, or Deepavali beckon sprucing up of the homes.

However, not every festival or New Year comes with many public holidays where families can together help the parents do a thorough stocktake of knick-knacks around the house. Regardless, somehow every member has to be around to decide whether to keep, hide or dispose of certain items. And what about the spider webs that are not easy to hide or clean? They are high up, in unwieldy nooks and corners. Sometimes it is scary even to try and touch some of these seldom seen spots around the house. Occasionally, a giant spider may appear from nowhere. A party of cockroaches, including rats and other creepy crawlies may be disturbed and scurry out all around you. 

Yes …spring cleaning does not sound as welcoming as the season of Spring! What to do then? Well, to keep you safe and sound from the unexpected living guests in your house and all the sticky webs, nests, and whatnots they have built up, hurry and summon us to your rescue. We are trained to face the unexpected guests in your house and are armed with the right equipment to defend ourselves against them. At your wish, we will chase these guests away from you. And we will vacuum and wipe all the surfaces you need us to do so.

All you need to do is to supervise and tell us where you wish us to clean and sanitize for you. Yes, we sanitize the surfaces and the air we encounter in your home so that only you and the guests you welcome will enjoy the clean home we spring cleaned for you.

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